Welcome to our TCBC Website! Here you’ll find information about our Club.

TCBC is a “breed club” for people who are interested in, and love, Brittanys.  The majority of our members live in the Greater Houston, TX, area (although some live much farther afield)

As a local breed club, we adhere to the Objective and Purpose of the American Brittany Club (our parent organization):  To promote cooperation and friendship among the breeders and owners of Brittanys and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training and showing of Brittanys in the field and in the show ring; to discourage the breed from becoming split into groups of “field dogs” and “show dogs” and to strive to keep it forever a “dual dog”. 

Joining TCBC is a great way for Brittany lovers to connect with similar Brittany owners, learn more about the breed, participate in various activities with their dogs, and help to maintain, promote, and improve the Brittany.