Cooper takes the tire...

Cooper takes the tire…

…and then the Tunnel!

…and then the Tunnel!

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them” – Phil Pastoret

Agility competition is a timed obstacle course that you do with your Dog. Brittanys are smart, agile, speedy, and eager to please – which means that Brittanys can be very successful in the Agility ring. (Brittanys Online has a nice section about Agility with Brittanys)

TCBC members in the Houston area are very fortunate; because we have an abundance of outstanding Agility trainers, Agility clubs, and facilities for Agility training. Plus, there are many AKC Agility Trials here throughout the year!

Who says Dogs don't smile?

Who says Dogs don’t smile?

Contact Amanda McGavin or Robert Power for more information

TCBC held our very first Agility Trial May 9-11, 2014. We ran Standard, JWW, and T2B courses on all three days, and our exceptional judges were Victoria MacVicar and Jerry Marotta. The “High in Trial Brittany” award went to TCBC member Jim Bryson!

Club members at our Agility Trial

Club members at our Agility Trial

The Brittany Agility Trophy stayed in Houston until the winner of the ABC 2014 Summer Specialty Agility Trial in Oklahoma City took it!

Jim Bryson with Meg, the Kaze Memorial Trophy, and Judge Victoria MacVicar

Jim Bryson with Meg, the Kaze Memorial Trophy, and Judge Victoria MacVicar

TCBC has subsequently held Agility Trials several times each year, under our own AKC permit. You are welcome to stop by the trial, and see what our amazing dogs are doing!

Cleared it by a mile!

“When do I go in, boss?”

Zoey at the 2018 AKC Agility Invitationals

4 thoughts on “AGILITY

  1. Thanks to everyone who came out & supported our Agility Trial last weekend! We thank our two excellent judges as well.
    We also extend a special “thank you” to all of the local Agility clubs & non-Brittany owners for their support at our trial! The camaraderie and support were very gratifying to see!
    We are looking forward to future TCBC Agility Trials; and will be posting information in the near future…
    Until then, we wish “good luck!” to our Club members who are showing at the ABC Specialty Agility trial in Oklahoma City next month.

  2. Thanks to everyone who supported our Sanctioned Match on July 13th! We filled, and even though it was very late in the afternoon, folks said they had fun running their dogs. The TCBC Board voted to proceed with a “real” Agility event within the next year… stay tuned for more info!

  3. TCBC will hold our FIRST EVER Agility event on July 13th in College Station (Pearce Pavilion, after the Conroe Agility Club Match is done). We’re having a Sanctioned A Match, and it is AKC Event #2013048105.
    The Premium is available now through Monica Wilson:
    We’re only having 60 runs, and the event should fill fast! Entries open today, so get your in ASAP… and spread the word among any Agility Brittanys that you know!

  4. We’re planning the first-ever TCBC Agility “Fun Match” in conjunction with the Conroe Agility Club event in College Station on July 13th… contact TCBC Board Member Amanda McGavin, or TCBC Secretary Robert Power, for more information!

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