PawPrints – June 2021

Events & Activities

Upcoming Ways to Get Involved

June 25-27 Agility Trial

Volunteers Needed! – Per AKC guidelines we have to have a minimum of 5 members present at the trial (the whole time) and we have been struggling to meet this number. Please let Michelle know if you are able to volunteer any of the three days.

July 21 Specialty Show (Wednesday) – Mary Crawford

May 2021 Minutes

• The specialty show is currently a “GO.”
• Specialty shows will be held on Wednesday
• Pamela Bruce will be the Brittany judge
• Sweeps judge will be Dennis McCoy
• Houston Kennel Club shows will be July 22, 23 and 25 (Th, Fri and Sun)
• Beaumont Kennel Club show will be on July 24 (Sat)

New Business

• iLucky Dog – cannot accommodate
• Smart Dog can accommodate 5:00 – 8:00 pm on July 24.

July 24 TCBC Summer Social (Saturday) – Erin Sneed

May 2021 Minutes

• Reaching out to different venues to find a place that can accommodate and is not an extreme drive for any members.
• It was proposed that our own member, Jamin Sneed, provide BBQ catering since he owns and operates Fuel Food Truck. Jamin will provide a proposed budget for review and vote at the June 8 meeting.

New Business

• Smart Dog can accommodate 5:00 – 8:00 pm on July 24. Cost is $4 per hour for a total of $135 for facility rental.
• Review the catering proposal from Fuel Food Truck

Field Trials – Jim Crawford

May 2021 Minutes
• Examining the possibility of holding a walking trial the second weekend in March 2022, more information to come.

Fast CAT – Erin Sneed

May 2021 Minutes
• We have submitted our license application to AKC. This will allow us to host events. This application must be approved by AKC prior to the submission of any event applications.
• Erin and Aziliz will work on a budget and plan for the ribbons. The club will have to order a single, 8” ribbon for every run (~400) and will have to provide BCAT, DCAT and FCAT ribbons for anyone who has accumulated enough miles to earn them. These numbers vary but American Lure Course Racing can provide estimates of how many dogs have been earning these titles ate each event.
New Business
• We received license approval from AKC on May 2.
• Event applications have been drafted and are ready for review at the June 8 meeting. They will be submitted to AKC right away. Our event is planned for October 17 and 18.
• We will need a minimum of three members present at the event.
• Ribbon budget looks like it will be in the range of $400 – $450 but will depend on what Erin and Aziliz finally decide upon. Erin is receiving promotional emails from Hodges Badge Company and watching for discounts and sales.

Scent Work – Michelle Lingan

New Business
• Krafty K9 has reached out with interest in teaming up with TCBC for Scent Work trials in the Houston area. After some discussion, it was decided that we will see what kind of proposal they have for us.

Community Service

Fundraising, Donations & Volunteer Work

Brazoria County Pet Disaster Relief Trailer – Amanda McGavin

May 2021 Minutes
• The trailer was delivered to Brazoria county on April 8, 2021.
• We are currently waiting on information from AKC, about the trailer unveiling event.
• The Fox 26 news video and article can be seen here
• An article about the club and the trailer is posted in the Canine Chronicle

Additional Fundraising Opportunities – Michelle Lingan

May 2021 Minutes
• We are currently looking into the possibility of partnering with another county to begin fundraising for a second trailer in the Houston area. Jim Crawford is reaching out to the Montgomery County Kennel Club.
• The May Agility trial fundraiser netted $500 in donations.

Other Club Business

The Essentials

Office Elections – Michelle Lingan

May 2021 Minutes

• The proposed slate of officers for 2021 and 2022

  • President – Michelle Lingan
  • 1st Vice President (Activities) – Erin Sneed
  • 2nd Vice President (Field Trials) – Jim Crawford
  • 3rd Vice President (Specialty Shows) – Mary Crawford
  • 4th Vice President – Shawn Macleod
  • Secretary – Amanda McGavin
  • Treasurer – Robert Power

• Jim Crawford made a motion that the Secretary cast one vote for the club to accept the officer slate made by the nomination committee. Eddy seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Club Awards and Trophies – Michelle Lingan

New Business
• The Agility High in Trial trophy needs repairs. We will get a quote and let the club know what it will
cost so we can take a vote on a future date.

Technology and Social Media Update – Aziliz Martinez

May 2021 Minutes
• Aziliz can work with the current logo format. No one is particularly sentimental over the current
logo. Aziliz and Erin will look at possible ways to update the logo and make it more current. Any
drafts will come back to the club for review and vote.
• Erin proposed having a rotating club member photo (of or with their Brittany) as the Facebook
header as a way to highlight and include everyone. We can mirror that image in the newsletter,
each month, too. Please send pictures to the club email address listed below.
• Aziliz will be the Chairperson of the Website Committee.
New Business
• The new club email address is
• We recommend making a club roster that is accessible to the officers (at a minimum). As of today, the member list has not been widely communicated and may be out of date, so we cannot use it to send emails to all club members today.
• The website security and technology updates have all been completed. Spam comments have
been deleted.
• Calling members who want to participate in the Website Committee, please let Aziliz know.
• A Google Drive has been created for officers to share files. Aziliz, Michelle and Erin have been
testing it and will add the remaining officer slate.
• To be featured on the Facebook page, website and newsletter, send photos of your dog or you and your dog, to the club email address. Please send your dog’s name, age and a fun fact!

Communication Update – Erin Sneed

New Business
• We are currently testing a new format for the monthly PawPrints newsletter and would love feedback!
• Discuss allowing all “brags” or accomplishments by the clubs Brittany’s in the newsletter and not just reporting on TCBC hosted events.